Mike’s Interview Series EPISODE 11

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Mike’s Interview Series EPISODE 11

Welcome to the 360 Legal Florida Process Server Podcast, where we discuss all things service of process. Today, we are streaming Mike Weaver, president of 360 Legal. In this segment, mike is discussing how their proprietary software 360 Integrate integrates service of process directly into law firms’ client management systems.

Mike Weaver:

On the integration side, if you’re a much bigger law firm, if you’re doing hundreds or thousands of cases a month, and you have your own case management system, and you need us to integrate into that, we have a service called 360 Integrate. Basically, what we do is we have an interface, custom-designed interface to your case management system. We can push and pull data from the system as we work. The big benefit to that with a larger law firms is that you’re able to not impede your existing employees workflow. We can integrate into your existing workflow, and so when they’re picking a service option, the documents get sent to us. The data results get pushed back to you. It’s very easy, very seamless, and it’s all included in 360 Integrate.


We hope you’ve enjoyed Mike’s insights and encourage you to visit 360legal.net.



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